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The story of ANDROS FARM DOO Ohrid begins in 1997, for today, to become synonymous with what it means to be one of the leading facilities in the Balkans for the production of household chemicals / cleaning products and cosmetics.

The brands that are recognizable for Andros Farm Doo are under the product names AVAKS, Andros and Softly.

The top production is due to the quality of the raw materials and the knowledge used in the process, behind which are the names of proven German quality producers.

The raw materials used meet European standards for the protection of man and nature, so it is no coincidence that our motto is - Friends of Nature 

Our products are NOT tested on animals.


Mission and vision

The team follows the brand and is constantly in the focus of the demands and needs of the customers, striving to deliver the highest quality product at the most affordable price, a winning combination that gives us a competitive advantage in the market.

Andros Farm DOO notes continuous growth in sales and development of production facilities, thanks to constant investments.

The constant growth and development is a result of the work of the entire team of "Andros Farm", which continuously strives to improve and promote professionalism, so sales are growing, not only domestically, but also in neighboring countries.

We exist for you dear consumers and we make the products with a lot of love!


AndrosFarm , as a socially responsible company, regards the environmental protection as a long-lasting and continuous commitment.

Our company constantly monitors and controls its technological processes in order to insure environmental protection, including increase of energy efficiency and energy saving.

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